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hindu temple in toronto

Hindu Temple in Toronto

Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir is a family oriented Hindu Temple, community center, and Hindu heritage center. Our Hindu Temple in Toronto was incorporated in 1996 as a non-profit religious organization under the laws of the Province of Ontario and maintains a place of worship near the Square One Shopping complex. Our Toronto Hindu Temple abides by the “System of Vedanta” which combines both religion and philosophy of the Hindus. The Vedanta teaches us that we are all divine, regardless of creed, class, gender, and ethnicity, and that our souls divinity may be manifested through worship, contemplation, and unselfish work. The Mandir is located in Mississauga Ontario Canada and it is very close to Brampton, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Milton, and Etobicoke. Come visit us today!

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Did you know that Shri Vitthal Toronto Temple is North America’s first Vitthoba Mandir outside of India!  Thanks to all our devotees, donors and volunteers for their continued support.

More than a Hindu Temple in Toronto…

Shri Vitthal Mandir is more than a Hindu Temple in Toronto.  We are also a Hindu community and heritage center bringing families living in the Greater Toronto Area together.  The Toronto Temple aims to bridge the gap between old traditional values with the new.  Our members include people with diverse religious beliefs and ethnicity. Shri Vitthal preaches the unity of Godhead (or ultimate reality), and accepts every faith as a valid means for its own followers to realize the Truth.

Whether you are new to Canada, looking to make new friends or network with fellow community members, volunteer to enhance your karma, or you are just looking for a home away from home, come visit the Mississauga Hindu Temple today.  This is Your Hindu Temple in Toronto.

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A Special Hindu Mandir in Toronto

There are a lot of Hindu Temples and Hindu cultural centers in Toronto however what makes Shri Vitthal Mandir different is that we are more focused on family, preserving our Hindu heritage and culture, and to impart these values to your children.   Through our events one can learn ancient Vedic rituals, watch cultural dance and skits, and learn about Hinduism and the universe as a whole.  Shri Vitthal Mandir does not discriminate – you do not need to be a “Hindu” to attend any event.  We have numerous deities from other religions such as well such as Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, to name a few .  Shri Vitthal truly caters to the needs of every segment in Toronto! Our extraordinary temple is a vital part of the GTA that enriches not only the attending devotees but also the community as a whole.

If you want to live, laugh, learn, love, worship, play, or simply connect with your community, come visit Shri Vitthal Hindu Mandir – Your community, your temple.

Hindu Temple in Toronto

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